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For the ladies, the gentlemen and especially all other: We bring You the most brutal, happy, bizarre, new thinking and fantastic music! It's composed and created from scratch by UrDJUret! You can freely download the final, complete discography [UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0], which includes 70 truly unique MP3 songs, plus some extras. All songs in this discography are also available in the online web player below. The EP album [UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0 EP] consists of the five first songs of the discography and is available on Spotify and other major streaming services. Please consider making a donation or like the Facebook page to make us really, really happy! Perhaps You will have some fun while watching images in the gallery. There is more to read in the final note. Enjoy!

> UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0 EP  > UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0
Type.......: EP Music Album  Type.......: Discography (Includes EP)
Playtime...: 25 minutes, 5 tracks  Playtime...: 5 hours and 56 minutes, 70 tracks
Format.....: CD & Streaming (Spotify + more)  Format.....: MP3s in ZIP-File + Web player
Price......: Some services are free, some costs  Price......: Free ($0)
Description: Selected tracks by UrDJUret  Description: All music by UrDJUret + extras

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