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Optical illusions

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• 3D Paper Optical Illusions
This green dragon is more than an ordinary decoration, it is an optical illusion! A picture says more than a thousand words, but in this case we need videos to demonstrate. When you move, it seems like the dragon follows your movement and turns its head! The effect is called a Hollow-Face illusion.

How does it work? If we move around when viewing a solid object, our brain knows how the object we are looking at should behave. However the dragon gives us the wrong clues, because we mis-interpret what its shape is. We assume that the nose of the dragon is pointing out towards us, but in fact the dragon's head is concave.

There are many variants of the original dragon illusion by Jerry Andrus. All templates below are included in the collection 3D.Paper.Optical.Illusions.2014.06.18-UrDJUret. You can get them right now - totally free! Just download the 133 MB ZIP-file, which contains the templates and instructions (high-quality PNG and JPG images). Then print your favourite figure(s) on regular paper with your printer, cut it out, fold and glue. That's all!

Here is a text-list of all paperfigures included in The Ultimate Collection Of Paper Optical Illusions: 3D.Paper.Optical.Illusions.2014.06.18-UrDJUret.

• Axis41 Year-of-the-Dragon
• Brain-Busters Dragon
• Cat Illusion Neko
• Cat Illusion
• Chucky
• Chun-Li
• Coati Studio
• Cow 3D
• Dog Trick Academy
• eChalk Boxer the Horse
• eChalk Buttercup the Cow
• eChalk Cath the Cat
• eChalk Cheddar the Mouse
• eChalk Dewi the Dragon
• eChalk Ernie the Rooster
• eChalk Gruff the Dog
• eChalk Jack the Hare
• eChalk Jemima the Duck
• eChalk Sir Learnalot the Knight
• eChalk Skully the Skeleton
• eChalk Vivienne the Vixen
• Froggie*2
• Horse
• Iron Man
• Jerry Andrus Dragon Illusion (Black, Blue, Brown, Green*5, Purple, Red*2)
• Joker
• K-9 Doctor Who
• Kidadoweb Elephant
• Kidadoweb Hippopotame
• Kidadoweb Kangourou
• Kidadoweb Perroquet
• Kidadoweb Singe
• Lennon Dog
• Look at me Boo by ddi7i4d
• Moving Skeleton Sculpture
• Mr. Skully
• Oidon Dinosaur
• Onslo the Ren Dragon*2
• PaperBee Pink Haired Girl
• PaperMe Green Haired Girl
• Poochyena
• Robocop
• Rocko Schnauzer
• Samsung Brown Dog
• Samsung White Dog
• Sandra Schön 3D Paper Monster
• Slime Monster
• Spider Man
• Storm Trooper
• Super Robot Dog
• Sycamore Sam
• T-Rex (Green, Red, Blue)
• Vega

• Motion Aftereffect Illusions
It is indeed possible to see things in a different way.. These powerful motion aftereffect illusions may make you hallucinate for a short while. The effect is harmless and really easy to achieve; Simply stare at the middle of the illusion for about 90 seconds, then look away from the screen and focus on any object. An amazing bumpy and wavy effect should then appear! See it to believe it, we provide two awesome videos!

View the videos below in fullscreen to make the illusions work.

If you have an older Windows PC (32-bit OS) then you can download and run an small .exe-file with a pinwheel motion aftereffect illusion, which usually also gives a really nice visual effect!

• Still Moving Images
Below are handpicked still images that looks like they're moving. You may print these on paper aswell, the effect will still be there :-). You can click on the images to view them full-size.

• Animated Optical Illusions
The animations below seems to be changing after looking at them for a while...

Stare at the cross in the middle and watch the dots disappear!

The female spins to the left... or was it right?

Can you understand the women?

Mindcontrolled train...

• Classical Illusion Images
These images might trick you...

The blue and the green spirals are actually the same color

An impossible construction, called "The Penrose triangle"

A lego variant of the Penrose triangle

A and B are the same color

A and B are the same color, also in this picture

These circles are actually perfectly round

Yet another impossible construction

Look around - the black dots do not exist!

Stare at the dot in the middle and see the colors disappear

Here is a vase with profiles of its authors

If you step away from your screen, the two faces should swap over

The vehicles have exactly the same size

Stare at the dot in the middle and see the colors disappear

Look at the dot in the middle and move your head forward and backward...

Look for a while and see if the blue wall is in front or back?

Optical illusions

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